Adam and Eve
Updated: 2/24/2021
Adam and Eve

Storyboard Text

  • Did God really say you shouldn't eat from any tree?
  • We may eat from any tree in the garden, but God did say you must not eat from any tree in the garden or you should die.
  • You won't die. For God knows that when you eat, you will be like God.
  • When Eve saw the fruit she took some and ate then she gave some Adam who was with her and he ate. Then they realized that they were naked and used leaves to cover themselves.
  • Then they heard of the voice of the Lord God coming into the garden and hid themselves. The Lord God asked Where are you? and Adam said: I heard the voice of you coming and I was afraid because I was naked so I hid myself. and The Lord God asked Have you eaten the Fruit of which I told you not to eat from? Adam answered, Eve gave me some. The Lord asked Eve: What have you done? The Serpent tricked me.
  • Then God sen them out of the garden and a flaming sword guarded the entrance.