Broken Blade by Kate Lee
Updated: 3/2/2020
Broken Blade by Kate Lee

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre's father chopped off his thumb while doing Pierre's job. This means Pierre has to become a voyageur to get enough money to support his family. He met a lot of other voyagers but he's still a bit nervous to go.
  • Pierre kept paddling even though he was feeling a little home sick, he missed his family and would rather go to school instead of paddle all day. He gets along with his brigade pretty well except for Beloit. Beloit always teases him about being so young and weak but he knows not to listen to him. Pierre's hands have really bad blisters on them which makes it hard to paddle but Emile kept encouraging him to keep going.
  • The brigade had to go down a patch of rapids and everyone was having fun except for Pierre. They went down a lot of drops and Pierre was screaming the whole time. Then they got stuck on a boulder and La Londe helped get them unstuck but he sadly got smashed by the boulder. 
  • As they were crossing Lake Superior, a big storm rolled in from the west. The white caps were huge and they were soaking the canoe. Pierre was freezing cold but he had to keep paddling to keep the canoe from sinking. They decided to head to Michipicoten Island. Three of the men had to swim to the island but they safely made it.
  • Pierre safely got to Grand Portage and is happy because he doesn't have to paddle for a couple weeks. During the rendezvous a pretty Ojibwa girl wanted to dance with Pierre. The girl didn't know how to speak French so Charbonneau had to translate for them. The girl and Pierre danced even though Pierre didn't know how to dance.
  • Pierre and his brigade head home and on the way he sees all the places he's camped and portaged before. The whole trip seemed to go by super fast for Pierre. He finally returned home and visited his father first while he was chopping wood. He wanted to surprise his mother and sisters. He's going to voyage again next year and winter there with his new friends.