comic story
Updated: 2/14/2021
comic story

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  • Dad, can I go for a walk alone now?
  • No, now we are spending time together
  • Where are you going, Johnny?
  • Nowhere. where you can have fun!
  • Sara, how do you look? Is this outfit for young girl?
  • David, who are you? You are only sixteen years old!!!
  • Respect your son's privacy. Sometimes he/she needs to be alone.
  • Today we are going to the cinema
  • Oh, that's so cool
  • Observe your son's behaviour. It tells many things.
  • You must be strong. Soon, it will be better
  • Tolerate your kids, whoever they are. This is the age in which they are looking for themselves and discovering what they like.
  • A beautiful beach is behind the fence
  • Joke
  • Sometimes, do what your son/daughter wants to do on summer holiday, for example: going to the cinema.
  • Talk to your kids, because it helps to open up yourself in front of them.
  • Baby your teenager, he is too young for example: to swim in the ocean.