Romeo and juliet act 4 scene 5
Updated: 3/11/2020
Romeo and juliet act 4 scene 5

Storyboard Description

when juliet took the pills and layed down like she was dead so she didn't have to marry Paris

Storyboard Text

  • oh no :((
  • Oh no she's dead
  • No she's dead
  • I've been waiting for this day for so long and now she's dead i even brought musicians
  • all ready to go to the church?
  • In this scene this is where Juliet took the poison from to Friar to make her sleep through the wedding so she can marry Romeo instead of Paris
  • In this scene the nurse is trying to wake up Juliet to go get married to Paris but she already took the pills to sleep through the wedding and now they think she's dead
  • This is where the Friar asked Capulet is he was ready to go to the church to do the marriage but then he got there and they all said she was dead and Paris was very sad because he wanted to marry her he had it all planned but then she died and it wasn't they way it should've been.