Odyssey Test
Updated: 2/4/2021
Odyssey Test

Storyboard Text

  • Odysseus and his men reluctantly head into the mysterious cave on the island.
  • The cyclops came into the cave and was very mad that there were people in there. Odysseus and his men were very afraid.
  • Then, while the cyclops was sleeping, Odysseus made a plan. He was going to stab a wooden rod that was on fire into the cyclops' single eye. The plan worked and Odysseus and his men defeated the monster and escaped.
  • The Sirens were trying to cause Odysseus and his men to get in a shipwreck by singing their sweet song. They would enchant sailors and lead them into rocky waters so that their ship would sink.
  • Odysseus had a plan that he would be strung to the mast and have the men cover their eyes and ears. That way, Odysseus would be the bait and if he didn't get drawn in to the music, they wouldn't wreck their ship.
  • Thanks to Odysseus' wits the plan worked and the Sirens left.