Science project
Updated: 2/2/2020
Science project
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  • Mom, how come when I jump off this bench, I don't fly like Superman?
  • Gravity
  • Friction
  • It's because of GRAVITY!!!
  • But if that's true, how come I am not stuck to you right now?
  • GRAVITY!!! What the heck is that?
  • Gravity (Continued)
  • Gravity pulls anything with mass to the center of the earth, or to any other thing with mass.
  • Because the earth's mass is greater than our mass.
  • They call me the magnet monster. They call me this because I have a ton of magnets and I can control wherever they go.
  • How is it possible for you to move anything made of metal with your mind?
  • Magnetism
  • George, you really need to listen in science class. You are 24 and you are in 7th grade. Magnets attract each other with polarity. Opposites attract and likes repel.
  • Hey mom, how come when I rub my hands really fast against the rope my hands start to hurt and turn red?
  • It is because of friction or in your case sliding friction. Friction is the resistance one object encounters while moving over another object. For now just focus on escaping the magnet monster.
  • I really wish the magnet monster didn't tie us up like this.
  • Hey mom, now that we are free from the magnet monster, wanna know what I wanna do?
  • Elastic Force
  • No and I don't care. I'm trying to work. Go out and get a job.
  • FINE. Lets go bungee jumping.
  • Elastic Force(Continued)
  • WEE. This is so fun
  • Do you even know how bungee jumping works? Bungee jumping is a form of elastic force. Elastic force is where an object can return to its original shape after it's been stretched. The farther the object is stretched, the more elastic force is generated.
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