Human Developemtn
Updated: 7/20/2020
Human Developemtn
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  • Nick, I love you, I want to formalize our relationship.
  • Wait, what? You love me? I'm... I mean, i'm not sure, that's a good idea.
  • Why? do you not love me, or even like me? What's the problem?
  • I..I.. need some fresh air, i need to think.
  • You knew from the start that I didn't want anything serious.
  • Hey Nick, what you doing all alone out here? Are you okay, you seem lost in your thoughts.
  • Hey Mike, I'm going through some stuff, do you have a minute to talk real quick?
  • Maria wants to formalize our relationship.
  • What, Really?! That's good news!! But why don't you seem excited?
  • I'm not sure how to feel. my whole life my parents were never there for me, and constantly told me that no one would want to be with me. What if she realizes i'm not good enough and leaves just like them?
  • You're Insecure. You're afraid she'll leave you, just like your parents did. But she isn't them. I have seen the way she looks at you. She loves you and doesn't want to leave you.
  • It's hard for me to believe that.
  • You should talk to her about your insecurities, both of you should find a solution to this problem. You can't continue dealing with the baggage that was left from your parents' departure.
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