The Greatest Showman
Updated: 4/8/2021
The Greatest Showman

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  • Introduction
  • Rising Action
  • Rising Action
  • The Story Begins with a young boy called P.T Barnum.He and is father are very poor. The boy then meets and finds love and adventure in a young girl, her name is Charity. But the girls father would never allow it because he believes that he won't be able to give the life that Charity deserves, a life of wealth.
  • Climax
  • 20 years into the future P.T Barnum and Charity have followed their hearts and ran away together where they got married and had 2 beautiful girls in the house of their childhood dreams. P.T Barnum had lost his job, but he took out a huge loan in the bank to create a museum. But as the days followed not that many tickets were being sold, so one night he got the Idea from his daughter's that he needed to have something living in his museum.
  • Falling Action
  • P.T Barnum listened to his daughters and decided to look for talented people (the locals call them freaks) and they made the most amazing show that sold out most nights. The show got so big that they got an Invitation from the queen to visit the palace. P.T Barnum, needing more acts meet the lovely Jenny Lind, an amazing singer who became P.T Barnum's next big act throughout America.
  • Resolution
  • After a few shows Jenny feels as if she is another one of P.T Barnum's acts and that she is being used by him. So she sets him up and kisses him on stage which made him and Charity break-up and get evicted of their house. And later on the locals protest against what they call freaks so they fight and the local delinquents burn down the theatre.
  • P.T Barnum feeling hopeless sits lonely at the bar feeling sorry for himself. Through all the misery, the circus peeps come to cheer him up and Philip Carlyle offers him a 50/50 offer to become partners. P.T Barnum takes the offer and is now a Co-Owner of the circus.
  • But how would they perform without a theatre? Well P.T Barnum realises that he doesn't need a theatre, he just needed some cheap land and a tent. So they purchased both, and continued to perform sold out shows. But now with the portable tent they could travel and perform all across America. And from his success he got Charity back by reminding her of why he loved her. -The End