Updated: 2/18/2020

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  • Inventions
  • Mom we did it!!
  • The corn is actually growing!
  • Philosophies
  • "Im sorry Please!"
  • "You disgrace!"
  • Han Dynasty
  • I am so glad i have rights here, unlike other dynasties.
  • Mom and son created the invention "Seed drill" and when it finally worked they were very thrilled!
  • Abominations - Mistreat your parents
  • Hey honey can you please help clean up for dinner.
  • No, im going to go hang out with friends. Do it yourself.
  • The little boy was very hungry and did not have money for food so he broke into a wealthy mans home and stole some bread, Now he shall suffer the consequences.
  • In the Han dynasty women actually have legal rights, even though women do not have as many as men. In most dynasties women had no rights.
  • The mother is getting the food prepared for dinner when she asks her son to help out and clean up for dinner and her Son talks back, mistreats and disobeys his mother.