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Updated: 1/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • New Dynasty The new dynasty was great! The people are rebuilding roads and bridges, they also gave me and the other pensants land to grow crops in. I think the gods are happy with us now!
  • we are so happy that they gave us some land!
  • I really hope nothing changes
  • Generations go bye... It has now been 20-30 years. The new dynasty is about to turn into the old dynasty. Me and the other peasants don’t want anything from the new dynasty to change in the old Dynasty. We don’t want anything to change because the people gave us land and they were all helping each other out.
  • Old Dynasty This dynasty is way worse the the other . The other people aren't feeling like they are being taken care by there leader no more. The leader is also taxing people way to much and they stopped protecting there people.
  • The Old Dynasty loses the Mandate of Heaven The Old Dynasty loses the Mandate of Heaven The kings did not take care of us so we lost the mandate of heaven and now we need to find a new leader so we can get the mandate of heaven back.
  • Problems… The problems me and the peasants had was our farms and crops. And the flood and earthquakes also killed/hurt some of the peasants. This made it tough for us to grow crops so we can have food.
  • The New Dynasty claims the Mandate of Heaven… The New Dynasty got the Mandate of heaven back! There are now no more floods or earthquakes and everything is going to be back to normal. We got our farms back and we are able to grow crops.
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