Updated: 7/30/2020

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • it's fine on Saturday morning, I can call a friend to help me
  • we ask this favor, do it for people if you want, we will do it when you have time
  • At the moment I cannot have to take care of patients with this disease
  • Good evening we need you to collaborate with us in a commercial on the care of coronavirus, could you help us?
  • of course the more help the better
  • Good night what do you need?
  • Ring,Ring
  • bye
  • ok Thanks and bye
  • ok I help you, call me when you go to record
  • Good morning, of course tell me what you need
  • Good morning I need a favor from you
  • I need you to help me make a commercial about coronavirus care
  • Good Morning
  • this helps us set the stage and special effects for the commercia
  • because this white screen and the walls are green
  • avoid contact with people who have acute respiratory infections, at least 1 meter away as much as possible
  • wash hands frequently and with soap and water