How I lost all my friends. Personal Vs. Politics

How I lost all my friends.   Personal Vs. Politics

Storyboard Text

  • Im sorry to announce that our school will be closing due to COVID.
  • We will have to hang out at some point when all this goes away.
  • Yes definitely!
  • President Trump calls protesters thugs and says they deserve to be shot with rubber bullets. BLM protests soar with many new protestors after the George FLyod death
  • What Trump said is right! The protesters deserve to get shot!
  • OMG did you guys hear about the BLM protests?! It is horrible what the police are doing to the protesters!
  • How could you say something like that? You know that I am black and this affects me a lot!
  • Those protesters are nothing but looters and thugs!
  • FINE! I dont even care...
  • Im sorry, but I dont think that we should be friends anymore...
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