Baking Powder and Water Reaction
Updated: 3/10/2021
Baking Powder and Water Reaction

Storyboard Text

  • Let's make a cake today! The kids will love it!
  • Well there is some flour, sugar, baking powder, and a few more!
  • Mom what are some of the ingredients in the cake?
  • Now that the cake is in the oven, do you have any questions?
  • The cake rises because of the reaction between the baking powder and water inside the cake.
  • Why does the cake rise?
  • What starts off as baking powder and water is then changed into sodium, carbon dioxide, and water. 
  • The reactants are what it starts off as and the products are what the reaction makes.
  • The reaction between baking powder and water creates carbon dioxide. Which is a gas this gas makes the cake rise.
  • Energy is produced when the baking powder and water interact.
  • Interesting!
  • What was that?
  • Oh no! The cake over flowed and exploded! I must have added to much baking powder,
  • Because the cake overflowed I know that I added to much baking powder! This made the cake rise to much and created a nasty mess in the oven,
  • Sorry kids, no cake today. Now I know not to add to much baking powder so I'll never have to clean up a mess like that again.
  • That's okay! Maybe we'll have cake some other time!
  • That's alright mom!