Natural Selection of Tree Frogs
Updated: 3/13/2020
Natural Selection of Tree Frogs

Storyboard Text

  • Natural Selection of Tree Frogs
  • Hi! My name is Rico and I am about to show you the process of natural selection!
  • Step 1: Overproduction
  • My mate's name is Rhonda and we have 8 children.
  • Step 2: Variation
  • Step 3: Selection
  • We all have green skin so that we can blend in with the trees and brush this helps us stay safe from predators.
  • Step 4: Adaptation
  • Conclusion
  • Some of our kids got my trait, neon green skin and the rest got Rhonda's trait light green skin.
  • As you can see, we are a very happy family and hopefully we will live long lives with our advantageous traits!
  • An adaptation we all have is sticky pads on our toes that help us climb trees and escape from predators.