Per Fin Lit Comic
Updated: 11/23/2020
Per Fin Lit Comic

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  • That's actually not a bad idea, I will explain to you what credit is.
  • Hey dad, I was thinking, since I'm getting much older, I should learn more about credit cards.
  • A father by the name Dave and his only daughter Sarah go to a coffee shop...
  • Credit cards could also be thought of as a portable loan, but you should be careful with it.
  • So...Credit, Credit is when goods or services is received in exchange for a future promise to pay the bank back in a certain amount of money.
  • Shoppe
  • City Bank
  • Wow. Really?
  • Dave and Sarah walk downtown
  • But keep in mind that credit has its pros and cons. Whenever you purchase something with credit, there is something called interest. If you don't pay your payment at the end of the month, the bank can give interest. Which will build up overtime and you could be in debt for a long time if you don't pay in the full amount that was due.
  • Dave and Sarah continue walking downtown
  • City Bank
  • That is really good to know.
  • It is always better to pay in full at the end of the month so then interest doesn't pile up. There is also an option where you can pay the minimum monthly fee, you can pay a very small amount to the amount that you owe but avoiding that option is way better.
  • That's amazing.
  • Dave and Sarah are nearby their local bank
  • So, Credit can be useful if you use it properly and bad if you use it recklessly. Do you think your ready to get a credit card?
  • Thank you dad, I will remember what you said to me and yes I am ready.
  • Dave and Sarah discuss about Sarah's readiness for credit outside their local bank.
  • Hello!
  • Hi! Welcome to the City Bank! How may I assist you today?
  • Hi! I came here today to see if I could apply for a credit card!