Updated: 9/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hey man, i'm having a party later today. wanna come?
  • Yeah, i'll see if i'm free
  • Hey
  • Hey, i'm glad you could make it!
  • ready to start this party
  • I actually have to drive home so i won't be drinking or doing drugs.
  • Come on, just a few?
  • Also it only takes 4 beers to become drunk.
  • No, Everyday 30 people die from drunk driving.
  • Wow, i didn't know the number was so high!
  • And only 4 beers? wow
  • I'm actually gonna head home, it was nice of you to invite me though
  • Thanks for coming over
  • Yeah, no problem
  • Bye man
  • Nice seeing you