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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/27/2020
Unknown Story
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  • A longshot of blue the bird exposing the truth to Hamlet about how his past and where he is from how the fact that Claudius killed his father. The camera is zooming in and out into Hamlet's face to show his angry facial expression.
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  • A middle shot of Hamlet telling his mother that he is going to going to avenge his fathers death by fighting Claudius the leader of the gorillas, one on one and defeating him. The camera is zooming into Hamlet' mother as she has a feeling of guilt.
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  • The camera is from Hamlets point of view looking at Claudius as if hes about to fight him. in this scene hamlet is about to fight Claudius to avenge his father death. As from the start Claudius always wanted to fight him, as he says "I've always been waiting for this moment" t camera is zooming into the gorilla clan leader as he is pounding his chest.
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  • HA long shot of Hamlet getting prepared for the battle of his life, The camera is moving along with Hamlet and the gorilla as they both brutally attack each other. although Hamlet gets one really effective hit Claudius, disabling Claudius right arm. the camera zooms into Claudius wound when he got stabbed by Hamlet
  • A long shot of the gorilla as he is on top of Hamlet using his size as an advantage and getting good hits on Hamlet. The camera quickly zooms into Claudius leg as Hamlet stabs Claudius using his really sharp wooden stick. Then the camera is zooming into both of their faces to show their facial expression. You can hear the gorilla bellowing while you can hear Hamlet screaming.
  • After Claudius lost his left leg he was really vulnerable as a long shot of Hamlet is shown when Hamlet ends up winning the fight as he stabs Claudius in the chest finishing Claudius. At the end he felt like he avenged the death of his father, The camera zooms into the face of the gorilla as he slowly weakens and dies.
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