Wonder storyboard
Updated: 12/21/2020
Wonder storyboard

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  • Halloween
  • “If I looked like that, I swear to god, I’d put a hood over my face every day.”
  • “I’ve thought about this a lot, and I really think... if I looked him, seriously, I think I’d kill myself.”
  • Standing up for Auggie
  • *Punch*
  • “Why’d you do that? We could have been partners. You don’t have to be friends with that freak if you don’t want to be, you know.”
  • The bus stop
  • *throwing up sounds*
  • It is Halloween and Auggie walked into the classroom and Jack was sitting next to Julian talking. What they were saying is shown above. All of the things that his best friend was saying really hurt him. These actions resulted in Auggie avoiding Jack, which Jack didn’t get. This is a part of the rising action.
  • Climax in the woods
  • “Leave them alone, dude.”
  • Julian was getting mad and jealous that Jack is choosing Auggie over him so he goes up to Jack and says what is shown above. It is bad to punch someone, but Julian was egging him on so Jack punched him because he was standing up for Auggie. Jack did still punch him so he got suspended for a few days. This quote is a part of a rising action in the story.
  • Comforting Auggie
  • Jack was walking into a store and Julian and his friends were behind him waiting for him to walk back out. (This is Justin’s POV) They hide behind the fruit stand in front of the store, and when jack walks out, they trail behind him making loud throwing-up noises. All of these events with Julian bullying Jack will all lead up to what Happens at the end of the story. This is a part of the rising action.
  • The Good news
  • “I don’t know if it’s public yet, though it will be soon anyway, but Julian Albans is not coming back to Beecher prep next year.”
  • They were in the woods going to the bathroom when they came across a group of seventh graders. They started to scream and make fun of Auggie’s face. Another group of people came by. Is was Amos, Henry and Miles. The first group of kids are bullying Auggie and this will result in them getting in a lot of trouble in the end of story. This is a part of the climax.
  • They were by the corn fields because they were running from the seventh graders because they started to grab on to Auggie. It is pitch black and Auggie lost his hearing aids. The guys were being really nice about it by feeling empathy. This part is showing that the people who used to be on Julians side and bullied Auggie are now protecting him and comforting him. This is a part of the falling action.
  • Mr. Tushman was talking to Auggie about what happened and if he had any more information. Then Mr. Tushman informs Auggie about something shown above. This is a part of the resolution.
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