Short Story

Updated: 5/19/2020
Short Story

Storyboard Text

  • Sit down, Mr. Austen,"I am glad to make your acquaintance
  • Is it true,that you have a certain mixture that has-er-quite extraordinaryeffects
  • "my stock in trade is not very large,don't deal inlaxatives and teething mixtures-but such as it is
  • Well, the fact is. .
  • Here, for example, "Heris a liquid as colorless as water,t is also quite imperceptible to any known method of autopsy.
  • Do you mean it is a poison?"
  • "Do you know the price of this? For oneteaspoonful, which is sufficient, I ask five thousand dollars.
  • I hope all your mixtures are not as expensive
  • It would be no good charging that sort of price for alove potion
  • So,you really do sell love potions?
  • If I did not sell love potions,Then customers come back, later in life, when they are better off, and want more expensive things. Here you are. You will find it very effective
  • Thank you again, Good-bye.