Greek god created myth
Updated: 4/8/2021
Greek god created myth

Storyboard Description

Hades tries to take over

Storyboard Text

  • Hades was quietly meditating while he had a idea to take over Mt Olympus an become the new king of the gods . He thought this would be a wonderful plan so he starting plotting his revenge on his brother Zeus.
  • Zeus went outside of Mt Olympus because he got a head ace he needed some fresh air Zeus felt something and heard a voice in his head say you will fall soon you will be betrayed. Zeus had no idea who was going to do this.
  • Poseidon and other Greek gods/goddesses were called to a meeting by Zeus there for whoever does not show up will be the one that betrays him.
  • Poseidon went to go get Hades for the meeting but Hades refused freaked out and tried to attack Poseidon. Poseidon and Hades fought for 30 minutes and Zeus was getting nervous thinking it was both of his brothers that are trying to betray him but Poseidon eventually escape the depths of hell after beating down Hades and went to the meeting to tell Zeus the news.
  • "Poseidon where have you been i called a meeting". "Sorry Zeus i was fighting Hades in hell because he refused to come to the meeting and then he said he wants to rule whatever that means" . "What do you mean by he said he wants to rule Poseidon". " Um he said something about being king and and becoming the king of all not just the underworld Zeus i think hes trying to over take you as king of the gods". "thank you Poseidon now to take care of Hades".
  • Zeus goes to the underworld and bring along side the Cyclopes twins a a half man half goat and a monster to fight Hades and keep him in the underworld for ever. As Zeus proceeds Hades decides to give up his quest to be king of the gods. He gets banished to stay in the underworld forever and to never return to the surface of the earth again . The End.