Updated: 1/10/2020
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  • Hello, my name is Nicholas Copernicus, also know as the father of modern astronomy. I was a Polish scientist at the time of the Renaissance.
  • I attended Poland's University of Krakow, and later went on to study medicine and church law. In Italy I rented rooms in the home of an astronomy teacher, which led to my great interest in this topic.
  • I was born in 1473 in Torun, Poland. When I was just 10 years old my father passed, and my uncle a Catholic bishop became my guardian. He made sure that I received a good education.
  • I was a very creative free thinker, unafraid to question accepted beliefs. I was very skilled in mathematics and observation. I was taught that the earth was the center of the universe and that everything revolved around it. But as I began to study the motion of the planets this explanation seemed false. So I proposed a rebellious idea.
  • I said that, in reality all plants including earth revolve around the sun. I also stated that earth rotates on its axis, which makes the sun seem to move across the sky. Then in 1514 I printed a booklet that explained my theory. Once I wrote the full-length book I called it On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres, and saw it just before my death in 1543.
  • I dedicated my book to the pope. However, my idea went against the belief that god placed us at the center of the universe. The church even forbade people to read it in 1616
  • Despite the church's disapproval my theory had a major impact on a few key scientist. I was different than the rest because I based my thinking on what I saw, rather that what I was supposed to see. Later my explanation was proved to be right and is a part of modern astronomy today. Goodbye, thank you for listening to my life's story.
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