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Updated: 5/15/2020
English Project

Storyboard Text

  • Before...
  • Battle 1-2
  • Battle 3
  • Henry thinks war is romantic like an adventurous battle full of knightsin shining armor
  • Battle 4
  • He goes through a period of self-loathing and projected hatred for his fellow soldiers. Heseeks solace in nature/the universe but quickly discovers through naturalism and religiousimagery that he is simply faced with his sins and fears and an unfeeling nature/universe
  • Battle 5
  • At the beginning of the third battle, Henry is annoyed andshort-tempered, this is mostly at himself for running away but is directedat his fellow soldiers
  • After...
  • He is tired as are the men, but Henry attempts to drive them onward. This isthe strongest example of Henry thinking of others instead of just himself
  • He leads the way encouraging the men with the symbol of freedom, hope and unity.Though Henry and the men are exhausted, Henry is filled with a grit and determinationthat will “shatter the iron gates of the impossible”
  • After the battle, Henry thinks of the mistake he made by running away. However, insteadof being consumed by this mistake, he also sees his achievements