Great gadspy 1 2 4
Updated: 3/16/2021
Great gadspy 1 2 4

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  • What happened?
  • While Michaelis is telling Wilson to go to bed, he finds out about Wilson's wife. He is shcoked that Wilson would ever do something like this. And trues find out what happened with his neighbor, he hears Mrs Wilson cry from the garage. and sees the "death car" that hits her.
  • ...She's going to stay there till the day after tomorrow and then we're going to move away
  • I've got my wife locked in up there.
  • There were two cars one coming, one goin', see?
  • The police gets suspicious and asks where they came from. Someone from the crowd who was driving a little behind them confirms that they did come from New York.
  • What you want, fella?
  • And what color's your car?
  • ...Auto hit her. Ins'antly killed
  • I was driving right behind them, they did indeed come from New Yrok.
  • it's a blue car, a coupe. We have come straight from New York.
  • I am a friend of his. He says he knows the car that did it. .... it was a yellow car.
  • What happened?-that's what I want to know
  • Nick tells Gatsby to go home and sleep but he disagrees and stands alone in the darkness.
  • Well how long are you going to stay here?
  • Until they go to bed. If Tom tries brutality, Daisy is going to turn the light on and out again.
  • I don't trust Tom, old sport.