deadlock in wages negotiation 2

Updated: 10/7/2021
deadlock in wages negotiation 2

Storyboard Description

Tom updating other employees about his meeting with the boss and trying to find a way forward

Storyboard Text

  • outside the office
  • I tried to talk to the boss
  • what did she say about our offer?
  • I hope you have good news?
  • Tom and other employees
  • nope it is not a good news
  • what did she said now?
  • explaination
  • unfortunately she said she cant give us an increase
  • did she say why?
  • Tom updating other employees about his meeting with the boss
  • discussion
  • she don't have a valid reason, she just said she is the one to decide if we can get an increase
  • employees are sad to hear the bad news from Tom
  • solution
  • we cannot give up now
  • Tom explaining to other employees what the boss said
  • conclusion
  • employees are bust discussing the issue they have about the boss respond
  • she really don't and its not fair
  • she really do not recognize our hard work in this company
  • employees are trying to find solution for their demands
  • so what is the way forward?
  • hmm..
  • we should go to talk to NOMUSA trade union about our demands
  • the meeting is conclude, the employees decided to talk to the NOMUSA trade union to help them on their deadlock wages negotiation
  • that is a good idea
  • hopefully they will help us
  • I will go there tomorrow to meet them