TKAM Choice Board Comic Stip
Updated: 2/6/2021
TKAM Choice Board Comic Stip

Storyboard Text

  • To distract themselves from the results of the trial, the children decided to come home with their aunt before Atticus and play ball.
  • Atticus returned home after a long time away and the children were happy to see him. Unfortunately, it seemed as if he were very sad.
  • Hi Atticus!
  • Hello Scout. Hello Jem. I was just told the worst news; Tom Robinson was shot and killed when he tried to run away.
  • I don't know why he tried to run. We had the chance to win if we had appealed.
  • "From what the sheriff told me, Tom jumped out of the car and made a bee line for the fields
  • The officer tried to shoot Tom to slow him down but missed and killed him."
  • I don't know why he would do that we had such a good chance; the evidence was in our favor.
  • Alexandra, do you mind bringing Cal out here. I want to ask if she'd be willing to come with me to talk to Tom's wife.