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Updated: 3/12/2021
Pet choice board

Storyboard Text

  • Tim and Tom were brothers they would stick by each other no matter what they would always play together, sleep together, and even go to places but not alone, only with each other
  • One day these two dogs met a boy named Rajesh he was a homeless child and did not have any parents but what made him happy was Tim and Tom. Once they met him they began to have many adventures as a trio.
  • Tim and Tom got to do so many things they never got to do with Rajesh. For example, they got to play fetch for the first time and boy did they love it.
  • Rajesh was no longer alone. He had his two best friends by him the whole time. Same thing with Tim and Tom they no longer had to worry about finding a shelter in the rain or going through garbage cans. Even though Rajesh was poor he still managed to get food on the table and love them. That's all these brothers ever wanted.
  • Rajesh was an amazing cook he made them better meals then they had before it might seem to Rajes that he was giving them leftovers but the dogs still loved that Rajesh was trying his best to take care of them and himself.
  • Rajesh no longer felt alone because he knows that his best friend will always be there for him no matter what.Cause once you give someone love and especially and animal they will gladly give it back to you no matter who you are.