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The Carbon Cycle
Updated: 10/21/2019
The Carbon Cycle
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  • The Carbon Cycle
  • What Is Carbon
  • Carbon is the basic element found in coal.Today carbon is used for feul.It is also used for materials like plastics and alloys like steel
  • What is The Carbon Cycle
  • The Carbon Cycle is a biochemical cycle where carbon is exchanged through the bioshphere
  • The Process 1
  • Carbon is entered into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide as a result of combustion and respiration
  • It is then absorbed by organisms like plants who make their own food to make carbohudrated through photosynthesis.These producers put off oxygen
  • The producers are eating by animals.Carbon compounds are passed among the food chain.Most of thecarbon that is consumed is exhaled as carbon dioxide.The plant are eventually dead.
  • Dead organisms are eaten by plants and animals.The carbon in their bodies is returned to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.The decomposed plants and animals are used for combustion
  • The End
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