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Updated: 5/23/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The Palace of King Lear
  • King Lear's Questions his daughters
  • Tell me my daughters, how much you love me
  • flattery Love
  • Your the only one I have love for, your my highest sources of love.
  • Sir, I love you so much that I can format it into words. I love you more than I love myself, my love for you pains me.
  • King Lears beautiful palace
  • Cordelia disbelielf
  • How is he buying into their flattery?
  • With King Lear's time draws near, he makes the decision to split his property among his three daughters, beginning with the eldest.
  • The disown of daughter
  • How dare you not love me more, your ungrateful and unworthy of any land. From now on here you are no longer considered as my daughters
  • I love you how a daughters should love her father, nothing more nothing less.
  • Goneril and Regan express their love for their father as he distributes 1/3 of the land to the two daughters.
  • Land decleared
  • Cordelia couldn't believe how her father was buying into what her sisters were saying, How could you love your father more than your husbands and kids.
  • King Lear was not satisfied with Cordelia's answer leading him to disown her. This lead to his land being divided evenly between his two daughters who used flatteredness to get what they wanted.
  • King Lear decares his two daughters their land as he no longer has any interest in Cordelia life.
  • My beautiful two daughters, this right there.....is all yours.