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Comic strip for math
Updated: 3/26/2020
Comic strip for math
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  • Amanda really loves to play basketball and she likes doing math. So she wanted to figure out what the measurements were for the angles of her shooting range.
  • Amanda then shoots at a 54° angle. She also figures out that she is 12 ft. away from the hoop. But she wants to find out how high the hoop is so she uses trig. and finds out that tan(54)·12=16. So the hoop is 16 ft. high.
  • 12 ft.
  • 54°
  • x
  • She then wants to figure out more measurements so she shoots closer to the hoop and raises it. She finds out the hoop is now 20 ft. high and that she is shooting at an 68°angle. Again she uses trig to find out how far away she is from the hoop and finds out that 20/tan68= 8. So she is 8 ft. away from the hoop.
  • THE END!!
  • 20 ft.
  • x
  • 68°
  • x
  • 15 ft.
  • Now she wants to figure out the angle of her shots. She knows the hoop outside is 24 ft tall and that she is 15 ft, away from the hoop. Using trig she finds out the equation tan-1(24/15) which equals 58. So the angle of her shot is 58°.
  • 24 ft.
  • Amanda is very happy that combined two things that she loves! Now she knows how to figure out the lengths and angles of her shots.
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