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Updated: 2/13/2020
Odyssey Storyboard

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  • kfhk.....
  • The coffee table doesn't seem to be broken!!
  • Bill and a few of his friends are on a road trip and need some gas because their car broke down. They go up to the house that there stopped by and proceed to knock.
  • Steven!! I can't find any tools, just some dusty boxes and a lamp.
  • An old grumpy looking man opens the door. Bill tells him the situation and tells him he will assist them only under one condition. They have to come inside and help fix his broken chair. Bill and his friends enter.
  • The old man introduces himself as Steven and tells him whats happened to the table. Bill notices that the table doesn't seem to be broken or damaged in anyway. Steven tell Bill to go get the tools which are up in his attic and to the right.
  • When Bill gets up into the attic he doesn't see any tools, just some boxes. When Steven doesn't respond, Bill starts looking deeper into the boxes. Then he hears a noise that sounds like the attic door has shut. He turns around to see that the door is closed and will not open.
  • Bills friends hear the noise and rush up stairs. They see Steven blocking the door and run to help. They find an object to hit Steven with and unlock the attic door. When Bill gets down they bolt out of the house,
  • They go into the garage to find some gasoline and run to their car. When they approach their car they call the cops to report what had just happened. Bill leaves his name with the police then they leave that town forever.