Nutrient Cycle
Updated: 2/22/2021
Nutrient Cycle

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, what's up I'm a talking bush. You see that bush over there with the blue circles? It's Photosynthesising carbon from the atmosphere
  • Combustion is super neat. If we burn the plants around us we can get fire! But carbon is released in this process back into the atmosphere
  • We are sucky teenagers that don't care for the environment! Yay!
  • The carbon is then released back into the atmosphere after being released from plants in one way or another
  • I am a cool water plant that also uses photosynthesis. I take the carbon from the atmosphere for energy use.
  • I, the fish, consume the plants and the carbon is transferred to me.
  • I'm going to eat this nerd. The food web also allows for carbon to go through its cycle.
  • When I die, my body decomposes and releases carbon back into the atmosphere. Another way for animals to release carbon is through respiration, but I'm dead so...