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Updated: 2/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • After the war
  • now that the war is over we will have to find a way to pay all of the soldiers that fought for us
  • Coming Home
  • I thought I was going to be paid I never thought that all of the taxes would be raised .
  • Raised taxes
  • I want MONEY for that
  • I have non good sir
  • After the revolutionary war the government had to figure out how to pay the soldiers who had fought for them in the war
  • The Regulators
  • you can not take the farms of unpaid veterans because they cant pay taxes.
  • After the was Daniel shays came home to find that he would not be paid but the taxes would be raised
  • The Rebellion
  • you can not take our wepons
  • The raised taxes were starting to have serious effects on the veterans who could not pay for food or suplies.
  • The result
  • I guess that they forgave me for the rebellion after a couple months of hiding in Vermont.
  • Daniel shays and some other unpaid veterans formed a group called the regulators that did things like barricade courthouses to keep the lawmakers from seizing farms.
  • Yeah we wont let you into the court-house!
  • The regulators formed a plan to take the state armory and force the government to pay the but they were ambushed by the Massachusetts milita. Daniel Shays fled to Vermont where he stayed for a few months
  • After the rebellion the government pardoned any member of the rebellion who paid 1 penny to take an oat of loyalty and Daniel shay was given a small amount of money for his military service and lived out his life on a small farm.