Updated: 5/20/2020

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  • He is sentenced to death for a terrible crime he did. Come with me to see its history.
  • when he was born he was kind, since he was little he likes animals his favorite pastime was spending time with his animals taking care of them . his favorite animal companion is his dog
  • Years later he got married with a woman that also loves animals. so they filled their house of many species of animals
  • When he starts to drink his personality takes a turn for te worse.He starts physically and verbally abusing of his wife and night he comes very drunk to house and he grab his cat pluto and cuts his eyes.
  • Next day in the morning he hangs pluto from a tree in his garden murdering him.
  • The night of the murder, the man's housecatches fire and burns down. Only the man, his wife, and one servant are left alive. But, they lose alltheir money in the flames, along with the house.