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Updated: 1/23/2020
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  • The stomach there is also a rugae that helps stretch the stomach to move the mac and cheese along to the duodenum then to the intestines. The mac and cheese will be stored for roughly 2 hours to allow a comfortable digestion. The stomach will churn the mac and cheese, mixing it with gastric juices in breaking down of the mac and cheese chemically. The pancreas will help break down proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids in the mac and cheese by the enzymes.
  • Let me tell you a story about how I am going to digest my mac and cheese! Digesting mac and cheese starts with saliva. The teeth will break the mac and cheese smaller, while chewing and smelling it activates the salivary glands. The glands will produce saliva, which is made up of proteins, water, and the digestive system enzyme amylase. Saliva will help the process of digestion because it gives the mac and cheese moisture to swallow and helps the taste buds detect the flavor.
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  • The tongue is used to help move the mac and cheese around, experience taste. The tongue also uses many of its muscles to push the mac and cheese to the back of the throat and down the esophagus. The epiglottis is a flap of skin that makes sure the mac and cheese gets to the stomach. This will also prevent choking on the mac and cheese. The pharynx carries the mac and cheese from the mouth into the stomach, initiates swallowing, and covers the trachea to prevent mac and cheese from going into the lungs.
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  • The small intestine will absorb the nutrients from the mac and cheese, while the large intestine absorbs the water and vitamins out of the mac and cheese and turns the mac and cheese into feces. The sigmoid colon will transport the feces to the rectum. The colon is going to continue absorbing water and vitamins from the feces. The rectum connects to the colon and the feces is going to be stored here until walls are stretched to signal the brain to defecate. The anus will allow the feces to be released .
  • The esophagus brings the mac and cheese to the stomach through a tube with series of contractions. The esophagus also keeps the lower esophageal sphincter attached at the bottom and is used to let the mac and cheese in and keep it in. The esophagus also is in charge of getting rid of toxic food. In the stomach there is a sac filled with acid, enzymes, and mucus to sanitize and digest the mac and cheese.
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  • The liver will produce the bile. The bile is needed for breaking down fat for easier transportation of the mac and cheese. The gall bladder stores the bile from the liver and will help break down the fat in mac and cheese. The bile will get moved to the pancreatic duct and come out the duodenum.
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