Physics Final
Updated: 5/19/2020
Physics Final
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  • Objectives from topic 5:-I can solve problems involving potential difference, current, charge, Kirchhoff’s circuit laws, power, resistance and resistivity-I can identify the direction of current flow required to recharge a cell -I can solve problems involving magnetic forces, fields, currents and charges
  • Objectives from semester 2 topics:- I can identify the forces providing the centripetal forces such as tension, friction, gravitational, electrical or magnetic
  • IB Physics Comic FinalBy: Nora Ibach
  • Hey Surfer Sarah! I am so excited to go tubing on the water today looks like a nice day
  • Yeah Tugboat Todd I can't wait!
  • Yeah! I have to make sure there is enough tension in the rope to whip you in a circle
  • Tugboat Todd, can we do donuts?
  • Oh no! The engine is smoking! We need to recharge it!
  • I can help you! I will run a wire from my boat battery to yours! Although there may be some resistance. I have a 9 volt battery that will flow at a current of 3 amps
  • Well we can figure out the resistance by using the voltage divided by the current, so the resistance is 3 ohms
  • Great! Now we need to figure out how to get the current to flow from my boat to yours
  • Since we want the the current to travel west, the magnetic field must point away from you when you send it our way!
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