Charles I
Updated: 11/16/2020
Charles I

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  • I'm an absolute monarch and I have absolute power regardless of parliament
  • Parliament I would like to raise taxes
  • We will agree to this but first you will have to sign the petition of right
  • I'm dissolving parliament and ruling on my own
  • Charles I made many decisions on his own and behaved as if he were an absolute monarch.
  • I'm going to be returning to parliament but I need money
  • Charles I went to parliament because he wanted to raise taxes. Before parliament agreed they made him sign The Petition of Right.
  • Actually we have other things in mind
  • The King agreed, but then immediately dissolved Parliament and ruled without them for 11 years
  • Later on King Charles returned to parliament in hope of getting money to put down a puritan/protestant rebellion.
  • Parliament had other ideas for Charels I
  • Parliament tried and executed key ministers of Charles I. They also declared that Parliament could not be dissolved without its own consent. Charles lashed back at these action in events that lead up to the civil war
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