Updated: 12/20/2019
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  • I was born on the island, Corsica. I came from Italian descent and I spoke both Italian and French.
  • When I was a teenager I enrolled into an elite French military school. When I was older I was made the head of the French army in Italy.
  • I became a popular political influence in France, and in 1799 I was defeated by the British in Egypt. I wanted to rule France though so I came back quickly 
  • after the loss and hoped that people would not find out. Some friends and I overthrew the Directory, and I seized total control of the government.
  • I created a National Bank to help the government have a better control over economy and inflation. I also made a Public Education system that helped kids get into school by ability and not wealth.
  • I created a set of civil laws named the Code Civil. It dealt with law of people, property, and acquisition of property. My code legalized freedom of religion, and took the privileged of the nobility away.
  • I signed a treaty with England in 1801 which eventually fell apart because mutual distrust. I defeated Austrian and Russians at the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805. In 1807 I began the peninsular war against Spain and Portugal and the next year I captured the Spanish government. In 1814 I was defeated and this caused the French strength to decline and made a constant distraction.
  • In 1806 a started a new policy for all of my conquered places and my allies, it was called the Continental System. This was an attempt to hurt the British's economy by placing an ban on their goods and trade. I knew that Britain was reliant on trade and I wished that their economy might fail. Sadly it ended up hurting my allies more than Britain.
  • I invaded Russia in 1812. Their army did not ever engage on our battle field and they drew us over to their land. My armies were lightly supplied. The Russians burned all of their supplies, food, and livestock so that we could not use it. We began starving, and were forced to retreat. I entered Russia with 450,000 men and left with only 40,000. After this defeat I was exiled from Europe.
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