Updated: 6/17/2020
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  • Yes!, Calpurnia took us to church today. Oh, may I please go and visit her?
  • So, you came from Calpurnia's church on Sunday?
  • No! of course you may not!
  • Listen to me Alexandra, Calpurnia is not leaving this house until she wants to.
  • You must get Calpurnia out of this house. We dont need her anymore.
  • Stop it, both of you!
  • This scene shows that Scout tells Atticus that Calpurnia took her to church and also she asks for permission to visit her, but after hearing this aunt Alexandra shows annoyed, so she rejects Scout's request.
  • "Do snakes grunt?"
  • "It ain't a snake, it's somebody""God almighty"
  • This scene shows how Alexandra tries to convince Atticus by suggesting that Calpurnia was not relevant anymore for the family. As a consequence, Atticus gets angry and both start arguing.
  • "Why'd you ran off? Was he really hateful as you said?"
  • "He--They just wasn't interested in me"."They didn't want me with 'em".
  • This scene shows how Jem and Scout got into a fight, because Jem ordered Scout to stop annoying aunt Alexandra. As a result, Scout got mad at Jem for telling her what to do. Eventually, Atticus break the fight up and tells them to go to bed.
  • "Maybe he doesn't have anyone to run off..."
  • "Why do you reckon Boo Radley's never run off?"
  • This scene shows how Scout was inciting that there was a snake under her bed. As soons as Jem looked under Scout's bed he realized that it wasnt a snake, in fact, it was someone. Before getting hit by Jam's broom, Dill came out tightly and said "hey".
  • Hey
  • This scene shows Dill explaining how he ended up under Scout's bed. He mentioned how hateful his new father was, since Dill wanted to spend the summer in Maycomb and his step-father would'nt allow him. Besides, his own mother didnt care about him, so there were enough reasons to snuck out his house.
  • This scene shows when Scout came with a random question related to Boo Radley for which he answered with a sigh. It seemed very obvious how worried Scout was for him.
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