Oat Canada
Updated: 12/13/2020
Oat Canada

Storyboard Text

  • Try "Oat Canada". It's a new oat milk with 0 grams of sugar...
  • ... and it taste great too!
  • I wish I could buy milk with less sugar for my family!
  • It's a new milk called "Oat Canada"
  • This tastes great Mom!
  • I can't believe how good this coffee tastes now!
  • The tv ad opens with a mom shopping for food for her family. She wants to buy a healthy milk alternative instead of milk but she doesn't know which one to buy. A clerk suggest "Oat Canada" a new oat milk on the market.  It then transitions to the next scene.
  • Who knew that "Oat Canada" would even be good in my protein shake? Wow!
  • The camera focuses on the mom who on the next day is feeding her kids cereal using "Oat Canada". The kids try the cereal and have big smiles on their faces. Mom is happy too! It then transitions to the next scene.
  • I can't believe how good "Oat Canada" tastes. This is our new family milk!
  • The camera now focuses on the mom and dad having a coffee before dropping the kids off at school. They remember that "Oat Canada" has zero sugar and they decide to try it in their coffee. After taking a sip, they say that it makes their coffee taste sweet and creamy, just the way they like it. It then transitions to the next scene.
  • The scene moves to the husband working out at the gym during lunch. He is drinking a protein shake during his workout made with "Oat Canada". It is the perfect addition to his workout because it is low in carbs. It then transitions to the next scene.
  • The scene is now in a neighborhood park where the family is going for a walk after dinner. The husband has made an ice coffee for the walk using "Oat Canada" and says that oat milk would be great for everyone to drink and he likes that oats are a sustainable crop. It transitions to the final scene.
  • To finish the commercial, the product, the logo and the slogan are seen over a field of oats. An announcer says the product slogan "Oat Canada- drink for life!" End of commercial.
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