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Updated: 10/26/2020
Unknown Story

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  • French and Indian War
  • Townshend Acts
  • Yes you should that sounds good
  • I think I should tax glass, lead, paints, paper and umm.. ah yes tea
  • Boston Massacre
  • we are angry at you!
  • It was war between the french and the english this war was
  • Boston Tea Party
  • It was a series of measures introduced into the english parliament, these acts imposed taxes on glass, lead, paints paper and tea into the colonies americans viewed the taxation as an abuse of power.
  • Intolerable Coercive Acts
  • The boston massacre is one of the first things that lead to the revolutionary war it consist of british soldiers shooting colonist killing 6 and iguring 12
  • Continental congress
  • We shall sign this declaration of independence and be independent from britain
  • Colonist that are mad because britain was abusing their power so they took action by throwing away all there tea in the boston harbor.
  • *Everyone* Yea take that
  • Acts passed as a result of the Boston Tea Party. Boston Harbor was to be closed until the colonies repaired britain for the tea they destroyed
  • This is the part when they sign the declaration of independence kinda obvious)
  • There are 2 parts to the continental congress the first is the first meet up from 12 out of the 13 colonies they wanted to meet and provide a unified single voice to list their concerns and present itto the king.The second is when they finally declare independence from great britain and winning the war.