Robert Koch
Updated: 6/22/2020
Robert Koch
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  • Robert Koch
  • Well, where is your evidence?
  • That is not satisfactory! I'll do my research with proof.
  • Guess what? I found the Anthrax microorganism!
  • Well...there isn't any.
  • I'll just extract and grow it and inject a mouse with it. We will see what happens.
  • These sheep organs seem to contain the bacterium theorised to cause Anthrax.
  • If I repeat this for over twenty generations, I should get an accurate answer.
  • Let me repeat the experiment using the mouse's blood.
  • But how can I be sure that the Anthrax came from the injection?
  • It seems that the mouse developed Anthrax as hypothesised.
  • After twenty generations of mice catching Anthrax, I proved your theory!
  • I guess I am the meticulous type...
  • Well, I always ended up with the same bacterium that I started with in each experiment.
  • Marvellous! How?
  • Wow, and you did this by repeatedly and carefully extracting, growing and isolating the same bacterium!
  • Next step is to beat Pasteur in being able to see bacteria!
  • He still uses liquids...
  • I'll call my technique 'staining'!
  • Thank you!
  • I even got recognised by the German government!
  • I am a meticulous researcher whose methods were copied by many.
  • Well, there you have it folks!
  • I introduced to the world staining bacteria that cause blood poisoning purple.
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