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Gatsby Character Maps
Updated: 3/26/2019
Gatsby Character Maps
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  • Gatsby: Physical Appearance: Tanned skin, short hair, middle-aged man Traits/Interests: theatrical, polite, careful with how he interacts with others. His interests are money and Daisy. Relatives/Love Interests: Mr. Gatz, his father, is the only relative we meet. His love interest is Daisy. Color: green. This color's symbolism is seen in the green light on Daisy's dock that Gatsby reaches out to. The green light represents a brighter future, something we want desperately. He believes in the green light, but eventually, what he seeks gets him killed.
  • Tom: Physical appearance: a "sturdy" man with "straw" hair and "shining eyes", middle-aged, very muscular Traits/Interests: he is confidently ignorant according to his talking about race, he isn't loyal to his wife. His interests are polo, pseudoscience, and cheating on his wife. Relatives/Love interests: Daisy is his wife, Myrtle is his mistress. Color: red. I think his color symbolism is red because the color red is associated with strong emotion and power.
  • Nick: Physical appearance: he isn't described much, we know he is a young man though Traits/interests: he is honest and dependable, he is nice to pretty much everyone. Relatives/love interests: Daisy is his cousin. Jordan is his love interest Color: white, which represents honesty and innocence
  • Daisy: Physical appearance: bright face and eyes, middle-aged woman, alluring voice Traits/interests: greed, carelessness, dependence. Her interests are taking care of her daughter and running over people (jk). Relatives/love interests: Tom is her husband, Nick is her cousin. Tom and Gatsby are her love interests. Color: yellow, like the color of the flower she is named after. She represents perfection and the illusion of happiness.
  • George: Physical appearance: blond, aged, man Traits/Interests: weak, impulsive, delusional. His interest is cars. Relatives/love interests: his wife is Myrtle. Color: grey, like the ash that is all around the valley. he is a dull man
  • Myrtle: physical appearance: short but sexy. middle-aged woman Traits/interests: manipulative, dependent. Her interests are dogs, money, and men. Relatives/love interests: George is her husband, catherine is her sister. George and Tom are her love interests. Color: Creme, like the color of her dress at the party in chapter 2, and the color of the car that hit and killed her. 
  • Jordan: Physical appearance: blond hair, grey eyes, charming face, young woman Traits/interests: careless, dishonest, gossip. Her interests are golf and cheating in life. Relatives/love interests: Her love interest is Nick. Color: i think her color might be white as well, since that what she is seen wearing when we first see her. She is described as girly, frail, small. The white for her is meant to enforce that perception.
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