Empathy Comic Strip

Updated: 6/19/2020
Empathy Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Omar's acting weird. He's usually the funny guy.
  • Hey, man. is everything alright?
  • What's wrong with him! He knows what happened
  • I thought I told u to leave me alone!
  • When Ahmad was texting his friend Omar, he got unusually mad at him and Ahmad was confusesd.
  • Hey, i'm just tryna help. plz tell me wut happened.
  • So he decided to ask him if he was okay.
  • sry. it's just that before quarantine, my mom was out of town and she can't get home now. so it's been hard
  • But Omar got even more mad!
  • Oh, i feel for u man. it sucks when u can't see a member of ur family. don't worry ur not alone
  • thx man.
  • Ahmad was getting worried. What had happened? Did he miss something? He was just trying to help.
  • little did Ahmad know, it had been hard for Omar.