The cruel punishment
Updated: 2/13/2020
The cruel punishment

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  • The cruel punishment
  • But officer I never committed any crime, all I have done is stay at home.
  • Hello officer, how may I help you.
  • You are under arrest, there has been an arrest warrent on for trespassing.
  • Sir you have the right to remain silent...
  • at the crime scene there was evidence of foot prints that matched yours but don't worry treaspassing will most likley get you a fine or community service hours
  • Officer please explain to me how I got arrested because I promise you I never committed any crimes
  • If it's just a fine they why was I arrested?
  • Because of the crime you have committed, I sentence you to a public execution my being stoned to death
  • With the evidence being found at the crime scene, You have been the found guilty of trespassing
  • I promise I didn't commit a crime and if I did trespass then I should be given a fine or a small amount of jail time, not death
  • I never committed any crime, this all must be a misunderstanding because I would never break the law
  • for the crime of trespassing you will now be executed by being stoned to death
  • I never did anything wrong and I was accused of trespassing not murder, why am I being executed?
  • you are being taken to court where the judge will decide your punishment.
  • The End