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Updated: 12/17/2020
Story board OMAM

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  • Curley's wife speaking "You're the new fellas that just come, ain't ya?" (32)
  • '"If he ain't, I guess I better look some place else," she said playfully." (33)
  • "Sometimes Curley's in here," (33)
  • George speaking: "Well he ain't now." (33)
  • "If I see him, I'll pass the word you was looking for him" (33)
  • Curley's wife speaking: "I don'like Curley. He ain't a nice fella."
  • "...I met one of the actors. He says I could go with that show. But my of lady- wouldn' let me." (88)
  • In this scene we see when George and Lennie encounter Curley's wife. This scene shows Curley's wife's personality. We can tell she is lonely due to the fact she goes into the bunk asking for Curley when in reality she knows where he is. She does this because she is lonely and wants some form of validation even if it is lust
  • This scene shows Curley’s wife explaining her long time dream of being a movie star and how that was interrupted because she got married. This scene represents the theme we studied this year: people need dreams to have hope for their futures, even if they might fail in attaining their dreams.
  • In this scene I used the quote “...she's a rat trap if I ever seen one." (pg 32) . I made Curley's wife character really look like a trap like it is used literally.
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