part 2
Updated: 3/11/2020
part 2

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  • so I ended up fallings into a lake sadly but I'm feel gravity pull me down I'm so excited to become groundwater
  • Good luck mate
  • Thanks
  • I'm so happy I made it to groundwater. This was my dream come true But I know I will not be staying here for awhile. I'm going to discharge or come back to the surface at some point.
  • My time as groundwater came to an end and I discharged back to the surface into a lake. I can see the ocean over there I think I might try and go.
  • I made it to the ocean but I'm getting really really hot. I think I'm evaporating again which is where I turn to vapor.
  • I really like being up here with my friends the clouds but I'm condensing or in other words getting heavy and about to fall
  • Hey your back
  • Yah I'm back. I missed the view up here.
  • Dang down in the soil is boring but at least I've never been here before. It was really fun doing the water cycle with you. I got to go through the water cycle more. bye