Mitosis vs Meiosis
Updated: 2/23/2021
Mitosis vs Meiosis

Storyboard Text

  • Mitosis: Type Of Cells
  • Mitosis: Haploid or Diploid
  • Mitosis: Purpose
  • Mitosis produces somatic cells, meaning they are body cells, just like that persons brain on the chair
  • Meiosis: Type of Cells
  • mitosis produces diploid cells, meaning they have 2 sets of chromosomes (46 chromosomes in total)
  • Meiosis: Haploid or Diploid
  • Mitosis' purpose is Growth and healing, just like that lizard is regrowing its limb
  • Meiosis: Purpose
  • Meiosis produces Gametes, meaning they are sex cells, i chose arcade to represent the "game" in gametes
  • Meiosis creates haploid cells, meaning that they have only one set of chromosomes
  • to reproduce and create offspring