Updated: 1/12/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I'm stealing this wine!
  • Hey! Put it back or I'll call the cops! You didn't pay, so get back in here! That is against the law!
  • I'm Kicking you out!
  • Hey! He's right, you are underage, and are breaking two of the Five Precepts Buddhist's, and myself follow. They are just like your Ten Commandments. It's important you follow them.
  • What are the two precepts that I'm breaking?
  • Well, you're breaking the second one by stealing, and the fifth and most important one by taking alcohol or drugs.
  • I would have broke the precepts that say to abstain from stealing and the important one saying abstain from taking alcohol! Wow I'm glad I didn't. But what are they for?
  • Wow! That's so cool!
  • Yah! See, the 5 Precepts are our rules, the other ones are abstaining from killing, improper sexual conduct, and false speech. They're all there to control our behaviour to avoid suffering, and help us live a morally good life and achieve enlightenment.
  • If you think that's cool, I bet you'll like that there are more than 5 Precepts; there's 10. Except the other 5 Precepts only have to be followed by ordained Monks and Nuns. Regular Buddhists don't have to.
  • Wow! Why did you say the fifth one is so important? Shouldn't they all be of the same importance like the rules I live by?
  • Well, the fifth one is crucial for control. If a person disregards it, she or he could loose control and end up breaking all the other precepts. It will lead to suffering, not Nirvana (our heaven) which is where we find eternal peace and joy.
  • Thank you for teaching me about your religion Buddhism! I loved learning about the Five Precepts, and I will try to follow them from now on! Bye!
  • You're welcome! I hope you follow these rules, and live a good and moral life!