science comic strip
Updated: 11/2/2020
science comic strip

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  • That is, until, the prokaryote came along.
  • The abiogenesis, or primitive earth, was an uneventful place. Harsh atmospheric conditions made it almost impossible for life to exist.
  • Primitive earth was certainly a lonely place for the prokaryotes who inhabited it.
  • Sure, they had each other. But their boring organelles weren't enough. They only contained things such as ribosomes, DNA, cytoplasm, a cell wall and a plasma membrane. They didn't even have a nucleus! (although they did have a cool tail looking thing called a flagellum)
  • One day, a larger prokaryotic cell had enough of the boredom, and decided to consume him! Their DNA sequencing shared almost the same sequence of amino acids. But, there was also evidence of these two prokaryotes folding together, creating a more complex cell within another cell
  • The outcome of this foolishness was a complex organism known as a eukaryote. These cells were superior (as you can so clearly tell with the glasses). These cells were also made up of ribosomes, DNA, cytoplasm, and a cell membrane. But, they also had more. They had a nucleus! They also contain mitochondria, lysosomes, and a golgi apparatus.
  • In the end, these cells continued to grow exponentially in population, and lived happily ever after.