Creation Story Comic Strip
Updated: 3/16/2021
Creation Story Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • What are you doing?
  • What does it look like I'm doing? Im sitting here enjoying the outdoors!
  • Mind your own buisness!!!
  • There are garbage and recycling cans for that you know.
  • Well I couldnt help but notice that you are also littering...
  • And I guess you could say I was being kind of lazy...
  • Well I didnt see any, and I wasnt really looking forward to moving spots.
  • This is not what our God would have wanted us to do with the earth, he would have wanted us to love and care for it, just like we would do for him.
  • Well, its okay to make misteaks, but because of your actions you have contributed to our earth dying.
  • Im sorry I never thought of it like that, Im sure god would have wanted me to treat the earth how I would treat him. If I want to continue to enjoy the earth for years to come I need to start being better.
  • Its okay, here come with me and we can talk about all of the wonderful works of God together.